These are our current Staff Members
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9835 N. Citrus Ave.,
Crystal River, FL 34428




  We are pleased to announce that in October of 2015, my wife Pearl and I took over owner-ship of Quail Roost.
  As you may or may not know, Randy and Nancy Fife have devoted the last 25 years of their lives making this Park what it is today.
   Since it is impossible at this time for us to take up residency here in the Park, we have asked Joan Coburn and Rick Munsil to act in our behalf as Park Managers.  Although not physically present on the campground, we will be in constant contact with them, and any concerns that you have will be brought to our attention.
  Please be assured that we feel this is a GREAT Park, full of GREAT people, and we have no desire to change the unique atmosphere that has developed over the years.
  We hope that in time we will have earned the trust and respect that the Fifes enjoyed.       Alex & Pearl

This is probably the first person you'll meet when coming to the park, and the person you'll get to know the quickest! She's not only our "Gal Friday," she's one of our Park Managers, and is involved in lots of our activities.
Tom and Mary
You'll find Tom out and about, here and there, working with our Maintenance Dept. and helping out at Nature Coast RV as well.  You won't see much of Mary, but she's busy "behind-the-scenes" for Quail Roost and Nature Coast.
Rick and Pat  Rick and Pat
You can't miss this guy, our "Jack of All Trades."  Rick's the other Park Manager, as well as a Service Tech at Nature Coast RV.  Pat's our Special Projects Person, and you'll find her at Quail Roost and Nature Coast.
Chuck and Sharon
 Sharon works diligently in our Housekeeping Dept.   Along with helping to maintain our grounds, Chuck also keeps the fish in our pond very happy!
Joanie and Roy
Joanie and Roy are our Snowbirds,
and Joanie will be working in the Office
on Joan's days off.
Tony, Laura, Lauren
Coming from New Hampshire in 2014 to be closer to their Florida families, Tony is working in our
Maintenance Department.